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Bio Tron – Wastewater Treatment specialized equipment

This technology made by combining the benefits of both active sludge process and biofilm process has a structure that can eliminate organic substances, nitrogen and phosphorus with larger contact area and air permeability.


  • Required less site area because of the reduction of size in aerobic tank
  • Doesn't need maintenance costs to exchange Bio Tron (semi-permanent)
  • Contrast to its volume, it has larger contact area.
  • It stimulates circulation and has less deficiency such as unbalance of organic matter, cleistothecium, parasitism and secession during long hours of operation.
  • Shock resistance and efficiency is approximately 98%
  • Easy to control and maintenance
  • Without constructing new tank, it can be applied.


We can apply sewage water treatment, wastewater treatment and water reclaimation system due to its excellence in removal of organic matter.

Picture of Bio Tron

Structure of Bio Tron
Classification Material Quantity (EA/m3) Size(mm) Contact Area(m2/m3)
Carrier element Polyethylene 640 Ø120 x 96L 109.4
Qualification Registration No. 30-0597459